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I made honor roll! (LOL)

I feel like a grade school student saying that.

I found this out Monday morning.  After getting what was an hour of sleep from being sick the night before, I went in for my 8AM class. With the hour commute, I was way the hell out of it.

So, I'm sitting cross-eyed in front of the G4 I managed to seat myself without falling down at, and this yellow warning slip falls across my keyboard. Being awake enough to recognize the color yellow and read "WARNING," I rush downstairs to find the culprit who sent it.

I see her, she's one of the staff members and she's hanging around.  I hear myself whine "WHAT DID I DO?" after handing it to her.

"Oh, you won an award!"

Being half-asleep, my mind was on one track for the worst, so I kind of panicked.  "Oh no! WHAT DID I--"

"You made honor roll!"
"Oh.  Oh!"

So now I get to go have a fancy lunch.

That was the last thing I was expecting. Last quarter was my hardest.  Animation was time consuming (though I had a reliable partner), Corporate Identity had a rocky start but those were the ones I made As in... and Bs in Design History and Math.  I never aim for that; my goal is "get these lambskins and get out."  I just zone out and do my work.

Very strange, very unexpected, but I'm not complaining.
Lilytribe is back up. It has been since September '06.  I can't believe  forgot to make a post about it.
I work on it when I have free time. If you are a member, please move your stuff to the new gallery.
Everyone's welcome, etc.

10 Plans for Spring Break

1-10: SLEEP

Yahoo Messenger Ahoy >:(

I fucking seriously thought I deleted this yahoo account off my trillian, but apparently not.

stoled from danielle


Skewl is Kewl

One of my jobs I work is through the America Reads program. My school pays for me to go volunteer at an assigned school. I'm enjoying it very much.

There are 3 girls I do mentoring with, 2 in the same class. This class is part of the North Carolina Exceptional Children program which gives extra attention to gifted & special needs children. I go out to recess with this class of 12 to spend time with the girls and the rest of them.

This one classmate in the EC program, Elijah, has an outrageous imagination. He's told me he lives in New York City in the morning, goes to school in Charlotte, and walks home to the beach (Charlotte is about 4 hours away from the beach). He's told me he owns 10 red cars, one blue car, and a Harley. He's about 7-8 years old. He told me more about his personal life today.

Me:So, I heard something's up with the red car (Lies, I pulled this out of thin air)
Eli: Oh yeah. It brokeded.
Me: Did you fix it?
Eli: I tried to fix it and fix it and it didn't fix!
Me: Well you'll have to take it to the shop to get it fixed.
Eli: Imma take it to Mr. Friday (one of his teachers) so he can fix it.
Mr. Friday: (Having just walked by us and only heard his name mentioned by Elijah, obviously confused) What??
(We're playing catch)
Me: So since your car is broken, how do you get around?
Eli: I uh, drive another car. I drive a Akrah (Accura)
Me: What color is your Accura?
Eli: It's white like dat truck (points to a maintenance truck)
Me: Do you drive it to school or just around town to look cool?
Eli: Uh, just around town to look cool.
Me: Oh, I see.
Eli: I got 100 girlfriends.
Me: Oh really? Well do you just drive one around at a time or what?
Eli: They all get in my car.
Me: All 100 of them?!
Eli: Yup.
Me: How? How do they fit in there?
Eli: They gotta stand up.
Me: They gotta stand up?!
Eli: They gotta take they clothes off first, then they gotta stand up.
Me: Well, do the police mind it when they see you driving your Accura with 100 naked people standing up inside? Have they ever stopped you?
Eli: Nope (Has this I-am-so-slick-and-sure-of-myself look on his face.)
Me: You're the man, Elijah.

A Hedgehog is Fine, too.

You scored as Shadow The Hedgehog. You're Shadow, and you're damn sexy! You're a dark, tormented soul whose best friend died on the ARK. However, you're loyal to those you love, and you've got swarms of fans around the world that are obsessed with you! Cheer up!

Shadow The Hedgehog


Knuckles The Echidna


Dr. Eggman


Cream The Rabbit


Rouge The Bat


Miles "Tails" Prower


Sonic The Hedgehog


Tikal The Echidna


Amy Rose The Hedgehog


Which Sonic The Hedgehog Character are you most like?
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I was thinking I'd end up with Knuckles or Robotnik. 
Rogue. 69. Lawl.


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