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4 December 1982
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Here are some sort of intresting links:
hArtists - I'm a mod here.
A Heart of Gears - a mini archive of my robot art, some of it erotic. You can submit your own, too.
frenchnigiri - sketchblog of myself and my friend Kayla.
Yaoi Gallery Gallery Contains my male/male works. Shame there isn't a lesbian version of this.
My Homepage
Magnolia's Hentai Art This is where I keep all my porn. You're welcome to party in it.
Gaia Online - Yes, I use it sometimes.

I has them. me at sugandya dot com
adobe illustrator, androids, artificial intelligence, asfr, avant garde, basement jaxx, bdsm, beefcake, bettie paige, bioroids, boobs, carlos mencia, cast, cheesecake, comics, commission, commissions, cyberpunk, cyborgs, damsels in distress, dave chapelle, doodling, doujinshi, drawing, ecchi, erotic manga, fan art, fanart, fantastic plastic machine, fembot, femdom, femslash, fly for fun, fly for fun hentai, flyff, flyff hentai, frankenstein, freelancers, freelancing, fumetti, futurism, gaia hentai, gaia online, gaia online hentai, gay art, gay comics, gay fiction, gay romance, gears, gender bending, giant robo, giant robots, go-gaia, go-gaia hentai, goblins, gore, gunstar heroes, gunstar super heroes, guro, gynoid, hartists, hedonsim, hentai, horror, hucaseal, hucast, illustration, illustrator, konami, korean food, lads in distress, lesbian, lesbian art, lesbian fiction, lesbian romance, lilytribe, magical girls, manga, mangaka, mangwah, manhua, mary shelley, mecha, mecha hentai, mecha porn, mechanical squirrels, mega man, mega man x, misanthropy, monsters, mr roboto, nanotechnology, necromancy, oekaki, opencanvas, optimus prime, paintchat, painter, painting, parodies, peril, peril art, phantasy star online, phantasy star universe, photoshop, pinups, procrastination, racaseal, racast, rambling, ramen, rip slyme, robochan, robosexuality, robosexuals, robot carnival, robot transformation, rockman, rockman x, roleplaying, rpgs, shojo ai, shonen ai, shoujo ai, sketching, slash, softcore, speed painting, steampunk, super flat, suspense, the undermine, transformation, transformers, transhumanism, treasure, undermine, vector art, victorian, warcraft, web comics, winx club, x, yaoi, yuri, zero